SilverSingles Review

SilverSingles Overview

SilverSingles is a serious online dating site created for singles over 50s to meet someone whom they can build a friendship, to date with, or marry. It is an excellent go-to source if you want to find friendship or long-lasting love. It is a site for people from different single communities who hope that it is not yet too late to fall in love though they are already aged 50.

The site was created for people who already reach their 50 years when they realize that they need someone to live happily. Whatever their reason why they stayed single at that certain age, they are still welcome to join the community.

Unlike many other sites, SilverSingles only accept an age limit of 50 because the company understands the needs of singles at this level of their lives. It does not necessarily mean that they are afraid to love. The reasons vary each person, and now that the dating site was born, it encourages them to take action in finding their partner.

For 17 years in the online dating industry, SilverSingles is already known to be reliable. It was able to build a reputation, providing singles an excellent and easy way to find their partners. It may be difficult to provide personal information online, but you can guarantee that every detail gathered by the site is kept private.

The site experienced many changes while developing its service. One of these changes is the merging of the Spark Networks with the Affinitas GmbH, another global leader in the industry. This merger leads to a stronger site and results in a broad expansion. Currently, the company extends its service to major countries like Germany, France, Australia, USA, Canada, and the UK. It gives each the opportunity to enjoy the experience of using the dating site.

Now, dating sites are not just for the younger generations. Singles over 50 have the same rights with the younger ones. With the accessibility that the SilverSingles offer, people at that age will surely enjoy what is being provided to them. They can feel the romance, love, and happiness by joining the site.

Based on the reviews conducted by some of the members of the site, the company has successfully reached its goal to help singles find a way to be happy and contented in life after meeting their partners. Now that it has grown so much, the site has millions of users.

Because of these changes, SilverSingles is even making an effort to provide an excellent service that is accessible to a lot more people. It made the sign-up process smooth, provides customer support, and developed a mobile app. These significant developments are continuously serving many singles worldwide.

Nowadays, it is hard to find someone who’ll meet your expectation. But in the online algorithm, a real relationship could start in a like-minded match. If you are serious about looking a long-lasting love, SilverSingles is created for your needs. Many singles all over the world trust this site to find what they need. The increasing popularity of dating sites has tremendously spread online. The site wants to break the typical issues arising from scamming and fraud. It is designed to keep every data they ask from each member secure. It is why SilverSingles becomes the trusted dating site by millions of singles worldwide.

SiverShingles is a dating platform designed for singles from different races and lifestyle. If you are looking for single men or women who live up to your expectations, the site has everything to offer. If you wonder how it will happen, the site uses an advanced system to make sure you got the right match.

SilverSingles makes use of the wonders of technology to deliver an excellent service. From the sign-up process to its customer support team, the site guaranteed to give your data and account the utmost care it needs. You can merely do your search while they take care of the rest.

The matching process is pretty straightforward. You are required to answer personality questions so the site can filter those personalities of other members and match them to your profile. This matchmaking algorithm ensures that the site can deliver a relevant match based on your profile. The site offers an easy-to-use interface that is easy to navigate, too.
Keep reading our honest SilverSingles review to learn more.

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SilverSingles Sign-up Process

The sign-up process is free and easy. You need to use a working email address to register. You should create a password to avoid others from accessing your profile. You will then receive a verification message via the email address you provided. You need to verify this one by clicking the link sent to you to finish the sign-up process successfully.

The email address you provided plays a vital role in case you forgot your password. By just clicking the “Forgot Password” link, you will receive a confirmation via email to reset your it just. Only provide your desired password, and you are good to go.

You also need to confirm the gender of the person whom you want to be a partner. Other information you need to provide is marital status, educational attainment, date of birth, and other necessary stuff that tells everyone about your character. It asks for your marital status or number of children so the members can see if you had a past relationship or what they should expect if you have kids. These details are essential because people usually have ideal man or woman they want to be within his life. Knowing these certain qualities are essential so you can just give your trust to the person whose interests are similar to yours.

You will need to provide your contact details and basic information such as your name, age, and gender. It is also essential to provide your location so the site can generate a list of singles near your area, so you easily meet them without a lot of fuss.

Of course, your profile is not complete without taking the personality test which is the most crucial part of the signing up procedure. It helps the site pair the members based on their compatibility. It asks for your level of education, work background, and religion. It is essential to include these details in the personality test to ensure you have the same belief like the other and avoid misunderstanding in the future.

The personality test is designed based on the five factors to determine your characteristics or attitude. You have to make sure that you analyze every single question and answer them with truthfulness. In this way, the site can determine the characters it should recommend to you.

The factors of the personality test include the member’s hobbies, beliefs, interests, and other questions that are relevant to find a precise match. It may only take about 15 to 30 minutes to complete the questionnaire. It is a precise question about your attitude so you have to be very careful when answering each item for the best matching experience you will receive after you complete it.

There is a section on the site where can also upload your best photo. Always remember that a well-built profile can easily attract other singles who are also looking for their best match. You can just create a basic profile at first, and you can also make it beautiful once you sign up for a Premium plan. Impress other singles by providing your beautiful picture.

It is also helpful to choose a quality photo with natural lighting. Make sure you are alone in the picture, and there are no items in the background that could distract the viewer. Give your best in your pose and make sure this is the recent photo you have.

Avoid posting pictures that almost hide your face no matter you would like to appear mysterious. People are most likely to view a profile that is clear and beautiful. It helps them sense your personality based on your looks. It also helps them imagine who they’re talking to if both of you decided to send each other a message. If you have a photo that reveals your hobbies, you can also use it to give them the first impression that you love that activity. Your picture will look interesting by doing it.

Also, do not display a photo that is so daring or flirty. Others are still conservative when it comes to the style. Some will accept this kind of personality, but it is still best if you look respectable in the first place.

Then, another important part of your profile is the bio. Make it look desirable by writing original content and highlighting the best in you. Make sure you write it correctly and check if spellings and grammar are correct before publishing it. It could be a turn off if other members can see errors in your bio.

In creating your bio, you may also sound funny or witty depending on the type of personality you want to deliver. It is a good point of you sound cheerful because people often want this kind of character.

Another important aspect that would set let you stand out is your honesty. Every member is encouraged to be honest, so they don’t have something to regret in the future. Just put yourself in another’s shoe. You don’t want to meet someone whose profile is just full of pretentions, right? If one of you is not truthful with every detail you provide and you decided to meet each other finally, problems may arise. So, as early as you take the personality test, make sure you answer the questions truthfully.

Finally, your profile is automatically created and you may now use the site. It will recommend different members that match your profile. You can start searching using a free membership, or you may also opt for a Premium account. The latter has additional features. It gives you access to chat and messaging.

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SilverSingles Features

Since the Spark Networks produce SilverSingles, it has features similar to EliteSingles. The latter also has a broad list of singles 50s and over. From the time you set up your account, you are already entitled to few features offered by the site.

SilverSingles have a simple design at its homepage. An encouraging message will welcome you to sign up. You can also freely browse to see what is inside so you can also read some of the vital information you need to know before you join. Make sure you understand the details very well so you can expect what you will gain if you enter.

Generally, every member can see the basic details of each person. On his profile, you can see if what activities he likes to do most, his favorite color, or maybe those weirdest things he loves and hates. It tells you based on his interests if you have the same hobbies or other things you like to do. You can already know if you can build a friendship with that person based on his character.

Each member has a photo on his profile. Seeing it could give you an advance impression if you will like him or not. You can also determine if that person reaches your expectation when it comes to the face.

SilverSingles offers different kinds of memberships. These are free, basic, and the premium memberships which you will incur some fees. One is a free membership and can last as long as you want. However, you can only access basic features such as posting your photo, searching and profile viewings of your potential dating partners. You will also receive recommendations based on your profile or the answers in your personality test.

If you want to access more features like contacting a member of your choice, you can opt for Premium account. You will have full access to other photos posted by the other members. You have the chance to send and receive unlimited messages to a member of your choice. You will also receive regular notifications if the site found someone who matches your profile.

Another benefit of being into the Premium plan is you can see who has been viewing your profile. If you like that person, but he did not send you a message, you can initiate the first conversation. This action is not literally showing that you are enthusiastic. You may just send a simple “hi” or be friendly at first. Who knows? He may have other reasons why he keeps on going back and visit your profile. If he can’t make the first move, then, you can. You would instead do it than regret in the end.

Since you had already created a profile when you signed up, the Premium account allows you to make it more detailed than the one available for free membership only. You can also view more profiles on your search. Since you will receive regular notifications from the site if someone matches your profile, it will lead you to the post of that person. Therefore, you don’t have to navigate through and do your search since it is already delivered directly to your inbox.

Whether you would like to do your search in a browser or mobile app, it is still made more comfortable because of its simple user interface. Anyone does not need to be technically inclined to be able to navigate through the entire site or to download the app.

Even you have already created an account, you can still make changes to it. You are allowed to edit some of the information to keep other members updated. You may also replace your photo with the most recent one. You can also change your password in the account section.

Even before you become a member, you can already access the FAQs section. It gives you concrete answers to the questions you have in mind. This feature is very accessible to help those people who are hesitant to sign up and join the dating site. It is just reasonable to think of your safety before you make your first move. So, reading the FAQs section is just the right way to do. The site provides transparent information about the sign-up process and ways to use the site. Through this section, you will know what to expect if ever you become a member.


A person who signed up for free membership has still other means of communicating with other members. You can send an icebreaker or flirts to initiate contact. You can do it by sending a smile, E-card, or just a simple “Hi!” But if you think you are sure that you want to exceed to that level, you can opt for Instant Messaging.

You can see if the member you like is a free or premium subscriber. Therefore, you can see if there is a chance for you to start an intimate communication with him. You can also send an email or chat with him which are included in your Premium subscription.

You do not have to worry if you want to use different devices when communicating with that person. All the messages and activities are stored privately in the database. When you log in to the other device, all the details and messages will automatically show up and you can still access anywhere.

To make it easy for you to communicate to one of the members, you may install the SilverSingles desktop app. In this way, you can access the page without having to log in again. It gives you instant access without going to the browser and searches for the site again. When you choose to install the app on your website, you can instantly see the messages as you open it.

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SilverSingles Mobile App

SilverSingles also makes sure that the dating site is also accessible on the go. It also has a mobile app who can install on both Android and iPhone devices. This mobile-friendly dating app lets you enjoy the features it offers anytime. Once you sign up in the browser, you will also receive an invitation that you may download its app for free on your mobile device. Directly go to the app store of your device and search for the SilverSingles. You just need to follow the instructions on your screen, and it will route you going to the home page of the site.

Once the download is complete, you will then use the same login credentials you use when you sign up for the browser. There is no need for you to do the same sign-up process or retake the personality tests because your login details are already stored in the  SilverSingles database. It means that you just need to download the app to each of your devices if you have multiples of it.

Once you entered your username and password on the mobile app, the system will automatically sync your profile and other activities on the mobile app. Therefore, you can still see the messages you sent the person.

You can still access the same features available in your membership even if you use the mobile app. The only difference is that it is handy. It is highly optimized so you can access it across any devices. Its mobile-friendly design allows you to navigate freely and enjoy every feature with ease.

You can quickly receive the recommendations offered to you by the site. Even the layout of the app is made compatible with your phone. It shows the picture of your prospective partner in a very clear resolution. You can also see the bio of each profile very clearly on the screen of your mobile even it is smaller.

It is very beneficial if you are subscribed to the Premium plan because of its unlimited messaging features. You can instantly call your prospective partner if you decided to meet him/her. It is also the reason while we mention that the site will ask for your location. You can easily reach someone if you thought of spending time with him.

If it is your first time to sign up and haven’t tried it yet on a laptop or browser, you can even set up your account through the mobile app. The process is similar to the browser. You also have to provide your email address where you will receive a confirmation email if you have signed up successfully. It is also where you will receive the recommendations from the site if a new member matches your profile. It usually sends about 3 to 7 profiles you can view to see if you like them.

Since the process is also similar to signing up in a browser you also need to take the personality test. It is also easier to upload a picture because you can just pick one from your gallery or you may also take a picture using your phone’s camera.

You also need to confirm the type of subscription you want to have. It is recommendable to stay on the free membership first so you can try some of the basic features offered by the site. Anyway, you can also sign up directly to the Premium since you can also cancel anytime. You can just put in your payment on the mobile app if you want to upgrade your account or renew your subscription whenever it expires.

This process just shows that using the SilverSingles mobile dating app is very easy when compared to other sites. It offers a lot of benefits, convenience, and comfort. It keeps you updated on the go without a lot of turnarounds.

What we like most about this app is you don’ have to upgrade your account just for you to be eligible to download it. Even free members can access install it on their mobile device without any additional cost. So, it is another convenience that the users can enjoy.

Just like how you use the browser, the mobile app also has the same level of security features. The system can also track the activities and monitor suspicious actions done by every user. It can detect fraudulent acts that may harm the member. If you lost your phone and you left the app open, you can instantly send an email to the customer support to report the problem. It has a team of diligent people who can block your account on that specific mobile phone.

Thanks to the advancement of technology because the accessibility of SilverShingles is made possible. The site knows the importance of going with the trend to provide the convenience and comfort to the singles. It does not matter whether you sign up for a free membership or a Premium account. You can still access your favorite features anytime, anywhere!

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SilverSingles Safety and Security

It is very important to make sure that the dating site is secure before you sign up. The site will’ never fail you when it comes to privacy and safety practices. It guarantees a strict implementation of protecting the privacy of each member. To achieve this goal, it uses a software to authenticate the identification of each person during the sign-up process. It also uses an SSL Encryption and Fraud Detection System to ensure that every profile is legit. SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is a reliable encryption technology that secures a data stored in the database.

As additional security, the site keeps the data stored in their database. It ensures that the third-party companies and other members cannot access the data. It also allows you to block any member from communicating with you. You can also hide some members from your searches if you find them annoying they do not fit your taste.

The site can detect if one of the members is violating the terms and conditions. Some of these violations may include harmful messages or content that may be offensive to other members. It can also block spam messages for an additional security purpose.

The site also makes sure that other people cannot find any means to copy or download the files or photo posted in the SilverSingles. It has a security team to block this activity before it happens. You are also free to report any suspicious activity you found on the site. Furthermore, you can also have the security team delete or block an abusive content.

If someone sends you an offensive message, note that you cannot tolerate it. It’s either you can block the person, or you may also report it directly to the customer support so he may be banned from the site. Prohibiting that person to the site will also help other members from communicating with him. So be careful when sending someone your photo and other sensitive information. Your safety also relies on your hands if you are mindful of your actions.

No matter the person creates a different account to gain access to the SilverSingles again, the site has a reliable system that can detect and prevent it. It just shows that SilverSingles is primarily focused on the utmost security not only of their website but of its members as well. It is the reason why the site has comprehensive terms and conditions every member should read once they join. Every person who enters the site is also responsible for his actions.

What we like most in SilverSingles is how they protect their members’ profile. Even though the profile only contains their picture and a short description of who they are, the site still keeps it safe. You cannot just visit the page and look for a prospect without signing up. Unlike other sites, their members will instantly welcome you to the page. So, we doubt if they are secure or not.

Security is the primary aspect you should look on a dating site. Scammers spread all over the internet so the site should make it their priority. It is the first thing that the individual must consider before signing up. How will you react if your profile populated on the page and was viewed by everyone who just wants to check what’s on the site? Is it like stealing your privacy rights? The dating site should not consider your profile like a product that can be advertised anywhere so they can make money out of it if they closed a sale.

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SilverSingles Plans & Pricing

SilverSingles offers different pricing plans depending on the features you want to access. You can choose the free membership for as long as you want. However, this plan only allows you to access the basic feature. Use this membership as your trial to see if the dating site will work for you or not.

If you want your experience more enjoyable features, you may opt for Premium membership with different pricing plans available. Upgrading your account is worth it because you will have complete access to the features offered by the site. You can choose a staggered payment for your subscription fees.

The plans are available in 3, 6, and 12 months. The longer the plan you choose, the cheaper is the offer. Therefore, you can save too much if you want the annual plan. Your membership will automatically renew after your subscription expires. So, take note that you should send an email to the customer support if you want to discontinue the plan. You may also do this process online.

The site makes sure that even the payment for their Premium membership is convenient and affordable. It allows you to stagger your payments so it will be easy for you to pay. This budget-friendly site is incomparable to other online dating sites. Everything is made easy even when it comes to the payment plans.

Options Total Cost Cost Per Month Savings
Free Basic Membership Free (limited) Free (limited)
1 Month Membership $59.95 $59.95 0%
3 Month Membership $113.85 $37.95 58%
6 Month Membership $131.7 $21.95 64%
12 Month Membership $239.4 $19.95 67%

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SilverSingles Customer Support

Having customer support is very important in dating sites. It helps you use the site correctly. Though the page is just easy to navigate, some people still need assistance especially those who join a dating site for the first time. Customer support is also reliable when it comes to answering a query. They are adequately trained to know the turnarounds in the site.

If you have other questions about the dating site and other technical issues, SilverSingles has a customer support team you can contact via email which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their availability allows you to keep in touch whenever you need any assistance instantly.

Its page also has well-detailed FAQs section to give you a piece of information you need to navigate through the site. Through its simple layout and comprehensive answers to the possible questions each member would have, you will find it very useful and helpful.

SilverShingles has well-trained customer service ready to assist you any time of the day. They provide an exceptional service whether you have an inquiry or you need to report an issue. They are knowledgeable with giving direct answers and resolutions that will exceed your expectations.

Though the customer support can only be reached via email, they are still enthusiastic to provide an immediate response to your message. They work round the clock, so you can expect a fast response from them.

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SilverSingles Pros and cons

  • SilverSingles is incomparable to other dating sites. What we have noticed the first time we open the home page is that the faces of their members are not shown. It makes them stand out among other dating sites we found on the internet. It just means that SilverSingles truly value their members’ privacy. You cannot access their profiles unless you sign up and be a member. This aspect is very important which every dating site should remember.
  • It is easy to set up an account whether you use a browser or a mobile app. It has comprehensive instructions that are easy to follow. Since the site has a simple design, you don’t have to be tech savvy for you to navigate through the page and perform your search.
  • It also offers convenient features that are useful to each member. Paying for a premium membership is worth it since you can enjoy a lot of benefits. Each functionality provided to the users is tailored to their needs. They are easy to access and navigate. You don’t have to go somewhere on the page to browse the profiles. A simple search will route you to many choices.
  • SilverSingles also sends notifications every time a new profile matched yours. Unlike other sites, it only sends about 3 to 7 profiles to your inbox. It is easier to check each profile by just having fewer choices. It allows you to analyze thoroughly if you like the new match. We love how the system works. It carefully finds the right match for you based on your answers in the personality test.
  • SilverSingles has email support available 24/7 to assist you. It has a knowledgeable team ready to provide a quick response.
  • Apart from this, you can also download and install the SilverSingles app on your desktop, Android, and iOS device at no additional cost. Since there is no fee to install it, you can freely browse on its page.
  • We have seen that SilverSingles is doing its best to provide an excellent service to their members and they achieve this goal. It just shows that the site is legit and will take care of your account. It gives you the peace of mind to use the site freely.

  • SilverSingles has no phone support. You can just send a message to the email support team. Though they provide immediate feedback anytime of the day you need them, a real-time service is still different. Some issues may need a quick resolution so offering assistance via phone call is necessary. However, by looking at the significant advancements and growth of the SilverSingles, we believe that it is not impossible for them to provide this service in the near future.
  • Due to the tremendous competition in the dating industry, maybe the site should exert an extra effort to promote their service so many people can avail their service. Perhaps one of the reasons why many major sites are more popular than them is the age limit they require for you to join. Other sites accept different people as young as 18 to 20, so they would really have more members.
  • For us, it is not a big deal that SilverSingles is less known than any other sites. We just want the site to become more popular so it can extend its help to people who deserve to date especially those singles in the 50s.
  • Membership is automatically renewed, but you can cancel it at any time

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The Bottom Line

Whether you are over 50, finding love and being serious in a relationship is not yet too late. It is why SilverSingles came to serve you and give you an opportunity to enjoy life after you found the love of your life. Everyone has the right to love and be loved. Finding that person who could let us feel it seems so impossible. But with the online dating site which is utmost security is its primary concern, we can freely browse the page without worries.

The dating app is one significant factor that could help you find the ideal person that matches your profile. Many users have been very thankful to them for giving them the opportunity o meet someone to be with them forever.

As you over 50s and you still want to find love and companionship when you old, the first thing that you might think of is to persevere to find that person instead of just waiting. Even adults at this age still feel the romance. They are more likely to enter into a serious relationship than younger people. With the SilverSingles that it is not hard to find your true love at this age, So please don’t lose hope.

Most probably, almost all singles who haven’t find the ideal person they want to feel scared to face the future alone. Some also just need an accompany while they grow old. There also some people who broke up from a relationship because they can’t find themselves happy with that person also they want to look for another one. Each one of us has different reasons why we end up in a particular situation. It is also the same why others remain single. They are looking for something they cannot find while they were younger.

You probably believe that sometimes, you also need to persevere to find the right person for you. There are many means to do that and one of the easiest ways is by joining a dating site. One of the reasons why some seniors are hesitant to do it is they are looking for an assurance that the site is legit and free from any fraudulent activities. With the spreading numbers of online dating sites, it is tough to find a genuine one.

Thanks to the opportunity that SilverSingles provide! It leads the people to their real destiny.

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Free Basic Membership: Free (limited)
1 Month Membership: $59.95
3 Month Membership: $113.85
6 Month Membership: $131.7
9.5 Total Score
967 reviews
SilverSingles Review

Whether you are over 50, finding love and being serious in a relationship is not yet too late. It is why SilverSingles came to serve you and give you an opportunity to enjoy life after you found the love of your life. Everyone has the right to love and be loved. Finding that person who could let us feel it seems so impossible. But with the online dating site which is utmost security is its primary concern, we can freely browse the page without worries.

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