Some Tips For Easier Online Dating

Every year there are many thousands of weddings taking place because of people meeting on online dating sites? Online dating is an ever-growing and competitive industry. To try and help you understand the business and to make your experience better and easier for you, we have compiled a list of tips.


  1. Decide which sort of service you require.

On the whole, there are roughly four sorts of dating sites available to choose from and you need to sort out which is most suitable for your needs.

The first sort is the common online dating sites such as and eHarmony. These sites give you a vast range of profiles to look at of people from all walks of life. They are normally committed to finding you a relationship and have various different features and compatibility algorithms to assist you in your search.

Then there are the specialized dating online dating sites. These bring people together from a certain group or niche. For example there are sites for different religions, different age groups, special interests, members of the armed forces and even millionaires. This group includes dating sites such as Mature Match and Millionaire Match and Middle Age Dating UK.

Thirdly there are the merged online and offline dating sites. With these sites you have an online and offline profile. The offline profile is accessed online by you giving out specially printed cards to people who catch your eye. They can then access your profile. Dating sites using this method include Chick ‘n Chit and Glimpse a New Bio.

Then there are the friendship sites which, potentially, can also be used as a way to find a new partner. Badoo is one of these and, although you can use it for dating, it is not strictly speaking a dating site. Other sites which follow this pattern are MySpace and Friendster.

So you see there are several different varieties of online dating site out there and it is up to you to choose one which best suit your needs and requirements.


  1. Create a great profile

Your profile is one of the most important aspects of your online dating experience. If you create a good or even a great profile, you will onto a winner.

Many more people will look at an interesting, fun and vibrant profile which is also full of positivity. If you come across as dull and negative, then you have little or no chance of receiving any contacts. For some guidance, have a look at other people’s profiles and see what catches your eye. With a great profile you should receive contact from plenty of potential matches.


  1. Make sure that you use good photographs

Using good and up to date photographs on your profile will, again, greatly increase your chances of receiving plenty of contact from other people. Make sure that your photos are natural and not posed or taken by a professional photographer. It has been found that people much prefer to see a natural photo than one that is obviously professionally done. That is not to say that you shouldn’t make an effort with your appearance but keep it natural.

Interesting photos are good as well. Ones that show you doing something with friends or maybe taking part in your favorite hobby!

Again, you can take a look at other people’s photographs and see what catches your eye there.


  1. Learn how to communicate in a proper manner

When you start sending and receiving messages, the way you communicate is going to be very important. The first contact, especially! Whether you are writing to someone or replying to their message, you must get across to them that you are very interested in what you have seen or read so far and want to keep the communication going.

Don’t be too forward but, at the same time make it clear that you are interested by giving a little information about yourself and also asking about them. You already know something about them from their profile so you can follow upon something that is written there. A compliment won’t hurt either but nothing too heavy.

As your correspondence continues, you will start to feel more at ease and it should start to come naturally, what to say and what not to say.


  1. Be sincere

Whatever you are saying, whether by message or face to face, you should always be sincere. When the other person realizes that you are sincere, this will show you in a very good light and further enhance their opinion of you.

Even if you decide that you don’t want to continue with the correspondence, you should tell the other person straight out and let them down as gently as possible. After all, it could be that they were thinking the same thing too. Whatever you do, don’t just ‘disappear’.

In short, treat people the way that you would wish to be treated.


  1. Always be truthful

Again, treat other people as you would wish to be treated and do not lie to them for whatever reason. You may think that you are showing yourself in a better light by lying about your job, your age, your income or whatever but the chances are that these lies will come back to haunt you, especially if the relationship moves on to another level. Then, you stand a good chance of having ruined everything and that will not be good if you were hoping for things to get serious between you. Apart from that, when you start telling lies, no matter how small, you always have to remember what you have said!


  1. Beware of cheaters and scammers

Apparently and unfortunately, nearly a quarter of people who use online dating sites are already married or in a relationship. This is only to be expected. There are many cheaters and scammers out in the real world and an online dating site is like a magnet to them as they think that it will be easier for them. Most reputable online dating sites have safeguards against this but some still slip through the net.

Your job is to be on your guard and also, once again, let your instincts play a part. If you feel that something isn’t right then it probably isn’t. There will be other telltale signs as well, such as reluctance to answer the phone, no photos on the profile, they certainly won’t want to take you home if the relationship gets that far and also they will not be free to meet a lot of the time.

So be very wary of these people because, unfortunately, they do exist, and stay away from them.


  1. Security and online dating

All reputable online dating sites will have a strong security policy for you and the rest of their members. This is because they want their customers to be happy and satisfied and also to attract new members.

They will also, probably, have a set of online security rules and advice for you regarding meetings and dates. It is best to follow this advice for your own well-being. Most of it is basic common sense, such as do not give out too much personal information at first, make the first meeting in a public place and so on.


  1. Remember that this is meant to be fun!

Once you reach the stage of actually meeting someone for the first time, you are bound to be a little nervous. This is only natural but bear in mind that you are meant to be having a good time and you should do your utmost to make this happen. Of course, this may not always be possible, depending on the other person, but as long as you have tried, then that is fine.

Don’t forget to make an effort with your appearance and display good manners at all times. Also try and act confident, even if you don’t feel it. Just try and be your usual self and you will impress your date and if you both feel good about each other, hopefully things will move on from there.

  1. Do not let online dating become too much of a habit.

By this we mean that, whatever happens, you do not want to become a serial or professional dater. This means that you get into too much of a habit of going online and checking if there is someone new who catches your eye. A serial dater will then moves on to them and leave their last partner high and dry. They will probably not even give an explanation block them so that there can be no further contact. Another possibility is that they will have several relationships going at once.

This is not the proper way to behave and if you see yourself starting to behave like this, then you should take steps to curtail your behavior. Just as it should be in the real world, finish one relationship properly before moving on to another.


  1. Conclusion

Well, we hope that this advice has been useful to you and that you will take heed of our tips.

With that, we wish you good luck and success in your online dating ventures!


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