How to Make a Good First Impression on a Guy

First impressions count for a lot and, although you don’t know what the first date is going to lead to, you still want things to go as well as possible. So, now we will take a look at a few ways you can impress the guy that you are meeting and make the date as successful as possible.

Don’t be late!

Women tend to have a bad reputation when it comes to punctuality. A lot of them tend to think that it is a good thing to keep a guy waiting but, if you want to make a good first impression, don’t do this, be on time. This will show that you are considering his feelings and he will think a lot more of you for doing so.

Portray Yourself in a Good Way.

Take care with, not only your appearance, but the way you portray yourself. You may look absolutely stunning but, if you don’t carry yourself well and walk and talk confidently, this can ruin the whole effect. A man will be much more impressed with a woman who, not only looks good, but has a certain style and confidence about her as well. So be confident in yourself, act in an appropriate manner for the occasion and you will not fail to impress your man.

Ask Things About Him

Most men love to talk about themselves and, although they should not be monopolizing the conversation, it will really impress him if you ask him questions and get him to open up a little about himself. He will probably not be expecting this and it will be a nice surprise for him if you show some interest in what he is all about.

Many men expect women to lead the conversation and to talk about themselves but a woman who is showing a genuine interest in a man is a big plus to any man. Even if he is shy, he will still enjoy the chance to talk about himself and it will definitely help to break the ice. It is probably the subject that he knows most about and is a definite winner for getting to know each other better.

Listen To What He is saying

Following on from this, it is very important for you to listen to what he is saying. You are asking him questions and it is important that you listen attentively to his answers. It is no good asking him something and then showing that you are not at all interested in his answers. If he is opening up to you then it could be quite a big thing for him and the least that you can do is to listen to him. He will be really impressed by this and appreciate very much the attention that you are giving him.

Choose an Interesting Subject to Talk About

Much of the time, on first dates, people tend to talk about their work. Now this is not always the most interesting subject for everyone but, because it is in their comfort zone, they feel it is a good subject for conversation. It can be but much better would be to talk about your interests and your life outside of work. This will really impress a guy and show him that you are not someone who just sits at home in front of the TV but has outside interests as well. You could even find that you have some common interests that you can share together.

Behave and Act Appropriately

You should conduct yourself nicely and with decorum if you want to make a good first impression on a guy. This may seem slightly sexist but it is honestly what men expect and they do not appreciate it at all if a woman is rude and even too loud.

So, remember your manners and this will show that you have respect for the occasion, respect for your surroundings and, most importantly, respect for your date.

Atmosphere is Everything

Try and make the atmosphere between you as pleasant and nice as possible on your first date. You should avoid talking about awkward subjects such as trouble at work or at home, ex partners and any other stress that you may have in your life right now. Instead keep the conversation as light and positive as possible and try and create a fun atmosphere. You want to impress the guy so show him how fun and positive you can be.

Don’t Try Too Hard

Although you want to impress the guy, whatever you do, don’t try too hard. If you are trying too hard to impress him, this will show and can actually have the opposite effect. Just relax and be yourself and this will help him to do so also. He will be impressed at how cool you are and should lead to a successful first date!

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