5 astounding Dating Tips for Shy People

If you are a shy person then first of all you need to get rid of the thinking that you will not be able to converse with the people around you. You need to get out of your head and live the moment, this is all what is going to help you in this case. See, you have to figure out that what makes you think that you will not able to converse with the other person. What makes you feel shy when you are in a crowd or you want to talk to the other person?

It is clear as a bell that the shy people are the most dynamic and interesting people, this is because they have introspective personalities. Now that you know if they are that much dynamic and interesting then why on earth they are shy to converse with other people? See, they are not shy in real but they do not feel comfortable with other people real quick. It takes time to make them comfortable with somebody, so whenever they meet the person for the first time they are said to be the shy creatures as they act like it.

So, what a shy person need to do to make the first date, the perfect one? And find the soul mate and love of his life? There are a few tips and techniques for the shy person to follow on the first date so that they can enjoy their first date just as the other confident people do.

Let us have a look on these amazing dating tips for shy people:

  1. Clothing and accessories

If you are the person who feels shy whenever you meet new people, then your first date will be the hardest date of yours. You should not worry about this fact, because first date is hard for all of us. Now, what you need to do is that you should wear something that will be the starter for your conversation. For example, you can wear something on which your date can comment on so that the conversation can begin on a lighter mode. The pressure that was on you will go off and you can easily continue the conversation with ease. You can also wear something with your college name or interest bracelet or watch so that the focus will not be on you, and it will be on your appearance. Now, by the end of the day all you have to do is to distract yourself from all the thoughts that are coming in your mind that what the other person will be thinking about you or did he like you or not. Just let go everything and live the moment, try to approach the other person to show the concerns.

  1. Focusing

As it was mentioned earlier that being shy means that you have a lot inside you and you try not to bring it outside. Well, that is wrong, you should bring it outside and place it in front of the other person so that the other person will have a better chance to know you’re real self. Just do not overthink things and try to live in the moment, you should not care about the fact that what the other person is thinking about you, this will make things a lot more easier. Talk about your likes and dislikes, your interests etc. you will feel more relaxed and comfortable this way.

  1. Making video

Now, this one is going to help you a lot, not only in social life but also in professional life. Psychologists say that if you make yourself comfortable in front of camera then you can face the world with ease. Make a video of yourself as if you are facing your date, you should be confident enough to speak in front of the camera. Afterwards just watch the video and note all the mistakes you are doing in front of the camera. You should do more practice in front of camera so that when you face your date in real you are confident enough to ask questions and talk with natural and comfortable way.

  1. Keeping hands occupied

Now you can fidget your hands under the table when you are feeling nervous, this will help you to look less nervous. You can cross your fingers or can toggle them whatever suits you and makes you feel less nervous. The technique that is recommended to the shy people is that just take the index finger and thumb on one hand and press them together. You will feel less nervous this way and you will also be able to distract the thoughts that are making you nervous. Your date will not know about this that you are feeling nervous as you are playing with your hands, under the table.

  1. Identify the good and bad in you

You should try to identify your bad habits as well as good habits. So that whenever you meet new people you will be able to show them your good habits first. This trick is going to help you a lot, the other person will eventually like you and will show more trust on you. If you are not able to identify the good and bad in you, then you should ask your closest and trusted friend about yourself. You can get the honest opinion in this way and your friend can guide you well about your date that how you can seem more approachable rather than giving a shy person’s image.

End note

You know that overcoming shyness is not an easy task to do but just by following these astounding dating tips for shy people you easily can overcome it.

You also know that how you can make yourself look confident and not a shy person, so now you are ready to go on your first date. Just follow the tips and you are good to go. There is nothing is the world that is better than you, so be confident and let people know that you are one of them and nothing’s different in you.


Photo sources: pixabay.com


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