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Probably one of the best and certainly one of the biggest and well-known online dating sites is ...

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User Age : For All Singles

2 OurTime


An online dating site that is especially for the over 50s dating, OurTime is growing really fast and ...

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User Age : For 50+ Singles

3 EliteSingles


EliteSingles is a dating site that is primarily for professional, working men and women who are ...

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User Age : For All Singles

4 eHarmony


In the late 1990s, Dr. Neil Clark Warren decided that there must be a better way of finding love than ...

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User Age : For All Singles

5 Matchaffinity


With more than 2,800,000 members, Matchaffinity is one of the UK's foremost online dating sites, with ...

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User Age : For 50+ Singles

6 AdultFriendFinder


Adultfriendfinder is a renowned and well established online dating platform which attracts a huge ...

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User Age : For 18+ Singles

7 SeekingArrangement

SeekingArrangement is a unique platform where Sugar Daddies or Mommas and Sugar Babies meet. It is ...

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User Age : For Sugar Dady/Baby

8 MenNation


To those looking for a great gay dating website where they can have casual hook-ups within their local ...

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User Age : For Gay Singles

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Top 10 Best Dating Sites Rankings Of 2022–2023 in the UK

Our uk dating experts’ top picks Updated Aug. 2022

Online dating sites have progressed a lot in the last few years. To start with, there was a sort of stigma attached to finding a partner on an online dating site, but those days are long gone.

Nowadays it is one of the most popular ways of meeting someone new, either for a long term relationship, a quick hook-up or just friendship.

The reasons for this are quite simple really. Life for many people is so fast-paced, that they simply don’t have the time to go out and try and meet people in more conventional ways.

There is also the technology aspect. Nearly everyone takes advantage of the advances in technology that have been made. This even includes people of more advancing years. We live in a technical world and most of us realize that we have to keep up with this or get left behind. This includes the world of dating.

Nowadays, as well as PCs and laptops, it’s even possible to have an app on your mobile for your favorite dating site. Nearly all of these sites are also loaded with special features and algorithms to make your life, and your selection, easier.

Online dating also works! Literally hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, have met the partner of their choice on an online dating site. There is even one dating site that claims to be responsible for over half a million marriages!

Dating agencies have also taken advantage of the digital age. After a somewhat slow start, it seems that business is booming and looks set to grow even further. There are literally hundreds of dating sites out there. Some are great and others not so good but now, in this series of articles, the Top 10 Dating Sites, we are going to take a look at some of the better ones suitable for various different age groups and lifestyles.

Why try online dating?

All over the world, people who are trying to handle hectic lifestyles want an option that takes the hard work out of finding a suitable partner……and it can be hard work!

Online dating sites and mobile apps have given people that option. They offer so much that would otherwise be unavailable. Where else would you have the opportunity to look at literally thousands of people and find out so much about them at the click of a mouse?

Whether you are looking for the love of your life or something else, your social horizons will be opened up beyond your wildest dreams.

Most dating sites just require you to create a profile, add some photos and then you are good to go. Some sites are even free!

You then start searching for other users that match your criteria and, at the same time, someone else is searching for someone like you.

How do I choose a online dating site?

The chances are that if you are reading this, then you are seriously considering giving online dating a go. Or you may have already tried it and want to broaden your horizons a bit more and look at what some other sites have to offer.

There are a great many online dating sites and finding the right one for you may appear a bit of a daunting task to start with. Don’t let this thought put you off, though.

The first thing that you need to do is a bit of research. You need a site that is suitable for your age group and that will have likeminded people on it. Are you looking for marriage or just a casual fling? Do you want a site that you have to pay for or a free site? Are you sticking to your own country or are you willing to look further afield? All these options and more are available.

Top 10 Best Dating Sites in the uk is also here to help you. We have ranked which we consider to be the best ones out there and have reviewed them for you so that you can make an informed choice as to which is the best one for you, in your search for someone special.

We have already mentioned that some sites are free and some you have to pay for. The bottom line is that, if you pay, then there is so much more available to you in the way of features, search options, messaging options and so on. Some sites allow you to join for free but, then, if you wish to make full use of the site, you need to pay.

So also do your research about what each site has to offer you in the way of different and advanced features. Also, you may find that the price drops significantly, the longer you sign up for.

Again, Top 10 Best Dating Sites in the uk is here to help you with that and give you a nudge in the right direction.

What online dating sites are you looking for?


Profiles are usually the first thing that you must complete when joining a dating site.

A lot of sites will ask you to fill out a lengthy questionnaire for your profile, while others basically leave the amount of information you give, up to you.

Most good sites will suggest suitable matches for you and a lot of this goes on the information you provide in your profile. Make sure that you are honest and also upload some good photos.

Matching Algorithms

A lot of online dating sites nowadays highlight how they use technically advanced algorithms to find compatible people. This really does help a lot in the search for matching couples and is another very good reason to be completely honest about yourself in any questionnaires. Being dishonest doesn’t help anyone in the long run, least of all you.

Useful Special Features

Now that online dating is such a highly competitive industry, many of the sites have introduced a host of special features that they hope will make them stand out from the others.

There are things such as buying online gifts for prospective matches, live events to attend and even relationship counseling!

Perhaps, though, the most important thing to look out for is a large and active user base.

Messaging & Communication

The different method of communication between users, that is now available, is one of the biggest advances in online dating. There are so many ways of doing this nowadays.

Previously, there was just a normal e-mailing system. Now, there is instant messaging, virtual ‘winking’, virtual chatting and even video chatting.

Perhaps the best new feature, regarding communication, is the mobile dating apps. Available for both android and iPhone; it is great for dating while on the move!

Successfully finding a date online

How successful you are at finding a partner online depends a lot on you. There are many tools and features on these sites that can greatly increase your chances of finding your ideal match, but you must use them to their full potential.

Use a good photo

This may seem obvious, but it is amazing how many people get this bit wrong. Sometimes, your best, and most flattering photos, are your most candid and natural, not a photo that has been carefully posed and then edited and edited again.

Whatever you do, avoid using selfies.

Create a detailed profile

Your profile is a very important aspect of your search for a partner online. Make sure that it gives a true and interesting reflection of who you really are.

Try and make yourself sound fun and interesting but don’t lie or embellish the facts. This will only lead to disappointment, on both sides, if you make yourself out to be someone you are not.

Give as much information as you like but not any more than is necessary or than you are comfortable giving.

Patience is key

Once you are signed up and ready to go, don’t expect everything to start happening at once. Take your time searching and keep your options open.

It will very probably take some time before you find someone really special that things could work out with. In the meantime, enjoy yourself, meeting lots of different people and getting to know some of them before making any important decisions.

Be safe

Make sure that you keep yourself safe, both online and if and when you actually meet someone.

Rely on your instincts and never do anything that you feel uncomfortable with. Follow any safety advice and tips that the website may give you.

Have fun

Remember to have fun! This is not meant to be a chore or hard work. If something doesn’t work out as you expected, then just move on and try again. Have fun!

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